The Enormous Potato

“From the planting to the harvesting to the consumption to the last bit of cooked potato, this delightful story is a perfect read-aloud tale that will demand numerous repeat performances!”

The Dallas Morning News, Sept. 1998


Aubrey Davis, illustrated by Dušan Petričić. Toronto: Kids Can Press, Ltd., 1997.

The Enormous Potato begins with a farmer who plants an eye—a potato eye. It grows and grows into an enormous potato. Harvest time comes, but the potato is so big that the farmer can’t pull it out. So he calls for help, first to his wife, then to their daughter, then to the dog and so on. Energetic illustrations capture the growing determination of the family to free the potato from the soil, and the celebratory feast that follows their success.


“A real feast for both the eye and the ear, this is a well-honed tale sure to be a storyteller’s favourite.”

Calgary Herald, November 9, 1997



Communication-Jeunesse, Winner of Palmares des livres preferes des jeunes (Children’s Favourite Books)


Parent’s Guide, Children’s Media Award