Storytelling and Author Presentations

Aubrey tells tales to people of all ages. He tells stories from his books together with other spellbinding and often hilarious tales that have endured. These bottomless stories traveled across borders and through time, provoking thought and calling to what was best within us. People often heard them repeatedly throughout their lives. This gave them opportunities to understand more with each telling and as their life experience grew.

Aubrey adapts his programs to suit the listener. With younger children, he tells tales that are simple and enticing together with lively poems, chants and language games. For older audiences he tells more challenging, often puzzling tales. With Jewish audiences he tells the folk tales, legends and fables unique to Jewish culture and those they share with other peoples, flavored with a dash of Jewish spice.

Aubrey is available for virtual author and storytelling visits via Skype. To arrange for a face-to-face school presentation, please email Aubrey for rates and details.


Humans are storytelling creatures. At all times and places people have told stories to communicate, understand and learn. It’s our nature to do so. Aubrey’s workshops build on innate, often unrecognized abilities to teach participants how to tell, write or learn through oral narrative. He adapts and designs workshops to suit the audience.

Here are some reviews of Aubrey’s work…