Praise for A Hen For Izzy Pippik

“This is a book to savor and reread …”

Booklist, February 2012





Praise for Bagels from Benny

“The book is a little masterpiece”

Teacher Magazine, Oct. 2003

Praise for Aubrey’s Storytelling

“Aubrey was absolutely magical, enchanting, and captivating. In fact, one of our Rabbis stated that he was the best storyteller that he has ever heard!”

Rachel Kamin, Director, Temple Israel Libraries & Media Center, West Bloomfield MI


“Aubrey Davis defies superlatives. His repertoire is amazing and his ability to hold the audience’s attention is legendary. He can tell stories to preschoolers and elementary school students as well as their parents….He is very creative and chooses his stories to match the audience in front of him. The adults (teachers, parents, older students) were as mesmerized as were the children. “

Penny Fransblow, Head: Norman Berman Children’s Library, Montreal, April 2012

The Three Wishes

“In a time where animation seems synonymous with violence, NFB’s groundbreaking concept of entertaining the viewer and teaching at the same time would make this a great film to show in a classroom setting, or even a Sunday school session (of any denomination!).”

AnE Vibe, July 2007


A short animated film by Sheldon Cohen, adapted by Aubrey Davis and set to music by Klezmer group Beyond the Pale. Voices Paul Soles and Linda Kash; Producers Kenneth Hirsch, Sheldon Cohen and Marcy Page. PMA Productions Inc., 2006. DVD, color, 4 min.; Distributed by National Film Board of Canada

Based on a traditional folk tale, The Three Wishes is about a poor couple who try to decide which of their dreams should come true after being granted special powers.