This beautiful new edition is a treasure-trove of learned essays about Sufis and their work, assembled by Idries Shah. It demystifies mysticism. It includes excerpts from the Arabian nights, jokes, works of the classical masters, Central Asian hypnotherapy, links to Eastern religions and magic, current study materials and more. It unveils an ancient many-sided and flexible tradition that, to this day, still adapts itself to the time, the place and the people. A contemporary Sufi teacher writes, “Certain materials, certain experiences, certain kinds of grouping, certain exercises, have been used in certain manners and with various kinds of people, in accordance with cultural peculiarities, for thousands of years. These things stem from an ancient and intact knowledge. What the so-called followers of esoteric ideas take for religion, teaching and so forth are almost always tattered and generally inoperative remnants of this great science……” This is a book that challenges all kinds of assumptions, encourages you to observe your reactions and to think for yourself. Highly Recommended.