Praise for A Hen For Izzy Pippik

“This is a book to savor and reread …”

Booklist, February 2012





Praise for Bagels from Benny

“The book is a little masterpiece”

Teacher Magazine, Oct. 2003

Praise for Aubrey’s Storytelling

“Aubrey was absolutely magical, enchanting, and captivating. In fact, one of our Rabbis stated that he was the best storyteller that he has ever heard!”

Rachel Kamin, Director, Temple Israel Libraries & Media Center, West Bloomfield MI


“Aubrey Davis defies superlatives. His repertoire is amazing and his ability to hold the audience’s attention is legendary. He can tell stories to preschoolers and elementary school students as well as their parents….He is very creative and chooses his stories to match the audience in front of him. The adults (teachers, parents, older students) were as mesmerized as were the children. “

Penny Fransblow, Head: Norman Berman Children’s Library, Montreal, April 2012


Nasrudin went to a shop of a man who stocked all kinds of bit and pieces. “Have you got nails?” he asked. “Yes.” “And leather, good leather?” “Yes.” “And dye?” “Yes.” “Then why, for Heaven’s sake, don’t you make a pair of boots?” Occasionally I manage to take Nasrudin’s advice and make myself something useful from the jokes collected by […]

Spirituality is typically associated with religion, occultism, sacred texts or holy sites. What about jokes? Could they be “spiritual” in some way? The great poet and mystic Jalaludin Rumi thought so. He coined the phrase “Special Illumination” to stress the importance of humour in metaphysical experience. This is also the title of a pioneering work on the subject by Idries […] Jewish Book Week 2/26/14 Throughout Israel, 45,000 Arab children (including 100 percent of the kindergarteners) in government preschools are reading “Samsoum the Mouse” as part of a reading-readiness program called Maktabat al-Fanoos, or Lantern Library. The program, which began last month, is modeled after Sifriyat Pijama, an organization launched five years ago that distributes Hebrew children’s books to hundreds […] Called a ‘practical philosophy’ or ‘templates in straight thinking’ – these works represent centuries of Sufi thought aimed at the development of human potential to its fullest extent.They stress virtues such as common sense, clear-thinking & humour to counter cant & religious dogma. They may be viewed as a much needed antidote to radicalism & fanaticism. The Idries Shah […]

Ramsay Wood has spent 30 years reviving Kalila and Dimna, an all but forgotten treasure of world literature. His second installment is as edgy, playful, and thought-provoking as the first.  This Eastern classic is the most translated book in the world after the Bible. And yet these marvelous tales have been too often dismissed as trivial and  childish. Wood has […]

Once upon a time, I bounced a very distractible boy on my knee, and recited this verse. Father and mother and Uncle John Went to Market one by one. Father fell off. And Mother fell off. And Uncle John went On and on and on and on…… For the very first time, he looked me straight in the eye, and […]