Idries Shah’s little book of Observations flashes with insight, clear thinking and humour. Each observation entices us to think, question and think again. Sufis hold that familiarizing ourselves with the concepts, ideas and thought patterns within their current literature, can help us learn to transcend our apparent realities. In the meantime, here are a few samples:

Words, they say, are the food of minds. But, like other foods, they can do little by themselves.

Self-deception is always very near under two sets of circumstances:
1. When you feel that you are right; 2. When you feel that you are wrong.

It is your duty to do your best. It is not, however, your birthright to prevail.

People are always asking why they do not make more progress in their inward studies. The answer is simple for the detached observer. You cannot keep a crow and corn in the same field, when the crow is hungry, and the corn is sparse.